Student leadership

The process for the selection of student school leaders commences in October each year.
In 2020, there are:
  • 4 School Captains
  • 2 House Captains for each of the three sporting houses (Fernberg, Gregory, Newstead)
  • 2 Italian Captains
  • 2 Instrumental Band Captains
  • 2 Instrumental Strings Captains
  • 2 Choir Captains
  • 2 Environmental/Sustainability Captains

The positions have clear, defined roles that will make the process of application, speeches and, ultimately, the job of leader easier.

What Does a Year 5 Student Do To Become a Captain? 

  1. Submit an A4 written application including details about their interests and involvement in the area/s they are nominating for.
  2. Be interviewed and short-listed for a position.
  3. Prepare a speech to be presented on Assembly.
  4. Be voted in to a position by the Year 4 and 5 student body, and staff.
Students are awarded Captains and Vice-Captain positions based on their final ranking and preferences.

Roles of Each Captain


  • Welcome new students and staff into the school
  • Assist with the running of discos
  • Playground support and mentoring
  • Provide information and reports for Assembly and the school newsletter
  • Liaise with the administration team
  • Take on the organisation and running of assemblies with the help of other captains and administration team
  • Attend student council meetings and assist with the running of these meetings
  • Be a positive role model to all students

Italian Captains

  • Liaise with Signor Ferranti
  • Attend all assemblies and give messages
  • Take part in all Italian special days and events
  • Promote Italian across the school
  • Look for ways to improve the Italian program
  • Be a positive role model to all students

House Captains

  • Liaise with staff - PE teacher to coordinate Sports Days, Swimming Carnivals, Cross Country, etc.
  • Ensure that all teams representing Rainworth State School have all the necessary information and equipment
  • Coordinating school sport with the assistance of staff
  • Co-ordinating lunchtime sport and recreation
  • Create war cries and promote team spirit
  • Sports reports for assembly and the school newsletter
  • Be a positive role model to all students

Band / Strings / Choir Captains

  • Liaise with the relevant teachers and administration staff to ensure the smooth running of the music program
  • Lead the relevant group at performances
  • Be prepared to give messages on assembly
  • Promote Music across the school
  • Look for ways of improving the Music program
  • Always being prepared
  • Be a positive role model to all Instrumental students
  • Musical proficiency does not affect Leadership position
  • Be a positive role model to all students

Environmental / Sustainability Captains

  • Liaise with the relevant teachers and administration to ensure that RSS is as sustainable as we can make it
  • Create relevant messages, ideas for newsletters and assemblies
  • Look for ways of improving our environment and sustainability at RSS
  • Be a positive role model to all students

Last reviewed 13 July 2020
Last updated 13 July 2020