Uniforms and the Uniform Shop


​​​​​​School uniforms help promote a positive school tone and a sense of being part of a school community.

The Rainworth uniform has been designed to be practical, economical, comfortable and sun safe. The school has a strict "no hat, no play" policy. Children not wearing a full-brimmed hat will be required to be in an undercover area. 

The cooperation of all parents is sought in having students dressed in the correct uniform at school and particularly on excursions. If you do look to purchase alternate items from cheaper local distributors, we ask that you purchase these in our school green.
Parents and carers are urged to ensure all items of school clothing are clearly labelled. This will help facilitate the return of the item and reduce the amount of lost property.

New uniforms can be ordered online via the online shop at Ashgrove West Drapery.​The link is at the top right of this page. You can also go to the physical shop at 467​ ​Waterworks Rd, Ashgrov​​e, Mon-Fri 8.30am-4.00pm and Sat 9am-1pm, where you can try uniforms on for size, and also pick up ‘click and collect’ orders.

Uniform items for new Prep students will be ready for you to collect at the Prep Induction morning in Term 4.

Preloved uniforms are available for purchase at our Pre-loved Marketplace Days, which are held on the second week of each Term. If specific pre-loved uniforms are needed outside of these times, our volunteers will be available to liaise directly.

Our Uniform Shop is run by parent volunteer helpers.  You can contact them via email​.

Prep Uniform

Students starting Prep are required to wear:

  • Polo Shirt: red with Prep logo
  • Girls: bottle green skort (combination of skirt and shorts), bottle green pleated skirt or bottle green unisex shorts 
  • Boys: bottle green unisex shorts
  • Hat: bottle green with brim, reversible with house colour
  • Footwear: black runners (velcro preferred)

All uniform clothing comes in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 and so forth.

The red polo shirt is only worn in Prep, green polo shirt is worn in Years 1-6. All other Prep uniform items are worn throughout Years 1-6.


One size fits all and are reversible, with one side green for every day and the house colour on the other side – red (Gregory), blue (Fernberg) or yellow (Newstead). 

  • Your child will be allocated a house in the first few weeks of term.  Until then, they should wear any sun safe hat.
  • If your child has older siblings at Rainworth, they will be in the same house so you can buy their hat now.
  • Please note, there is a 'no hat, no play' rule at Rainworth.  

Backpack and Library Bag

These items are also used in Years 1-6.  They are optional in Prep but the majority of children are keen to have them.  If you choose not to buy them, you will need to provide a backpack and a waterproof library bag for your child.

Years 1- 6 Uniform

In Years 1 - 6, the expected school uniform consists of:

Girls - choice of:

  • Dress: bottle green and white check
  • Polo Shirt: bottle green with school logo, senior shirt for Year 6 (optional)
  • Skort or Skirt: bottle green skort (combination of skirt and shorts) or bottle green pleated skirt
  • Shorts: bottle green unisex
  • Hat: bottle green with brim, reversible with house colour
  • Socks: white ankle
  • Footwear: black shoes


  • Polo Shirt: bottle green with school logo, senior shirt for Year 6 (optional)
  • Shorts: bottle green unisex or grey 
  • Hat: bottle green with brim, reversible with house colour
  • Socks: grey or white ankle
  • Footwear: black shoes​

Winter Uniform

Consists of:

  • Long sleeved polo: red for Prep, bottle green for Years 1-6
  • Long pants: bottle green unisex or bootleg (girls)
  • Fleece jacket: bottle green
  • Micro-fibre water-resistant jacket: bottle green



Sports Gear - Boys and Girls

  • Swimming: swim caps and sun-safe swimming shirts are compulsory (swimming shirts / rashies are not available from the Uniform Shop)
  • Boys Sports: school polo shirt with shorts (bottle green or grey).  Grey or white socks or maroon soccer socks.  Sports shoes.
  • Girls Sports: school polo shirt with skort, pleated skirt or unisex green shorts.  White socks or maroon soccer socks.  Sports shoes.
  • Sports Carnivals (including swimming, cross country and athletics): house coloured polo shirts
    • Fernberg  > royal blue
    • Gregory    > red
    • Newstead > yellow

Last reviewed 21 July 2022
Last updated 21 July 2022