Mission and values


Rainworth State School Profile

At Rainworth, we aim for each individual student to achieve their best educational outcomes through a rich, diverse and engaging curriculum in a happy, safe and healthy community.  Our school is built on strong traditions and high expectations. Our culture is one that has a strong foundation in academic achievement, creativity, trust and community.

Rainworth State School is a friendly and encouraging school that strives to develop each child's unique talents.  Our enthusiastic and dedicated teachers work closely with parents to help students achieve their personal goals.

Our school is proud of its state education history and in 2019 it celebrated 90 years of service to our local community.  We cater for children from prep to Year 6.


At Rainworth, each individual achieves the best educational outcomes through a rich, diverse engaging curriculum, in a happy, safe and healthy community.


  • A holistic approach to childhood development - emotionally, intellectually, physically & socially
  • A focus on children reaching their full academic potential.  
  • A balanced curriculum focusing on Clever, Skilled, Creative
  • A strong sense of community
  • Supporting quality professional staff

Rainworth State School Strategic Plan

Rainworth State School has a strong direction that is underpinned by our core priorities:

Consistent Classroom Pedagogical Framework

Students are at the centre of learning within our pedagogical framework. By using Explicit Instruction (Fleming & Archer) and the Gradual Release of Responsibility (Pearson & Gallagher), every day, in every classroom, every student is learning and achieving. Our framework is evidence-based and proven to help our students make the maximum possible academic gains in a positive, respectful environment that promotes their success and nurtures their desire to learn. 

Quality School Curriculum

Rainworth is committed to ensuring that we have a quality school curriculum reflective of the Australian Curriculum. Our school curriculum promotes the Department of Education's ethos of Clever, Skilled & Creative.  

Explicit Teaching of Literacy

Literacy is an important focus for Rainworth because it is integral to effective learning in all curriculum areas and across all phases of learning. Literacy is essential for students' life-long learning and for their active participation in work, family and civic life in a highly complex and networked world. 

Explicit Teaching of Numeracy

We recognise that numeracy, like literacy, is a key pillar of learning and an essential component of our school curriculum. We believe that numeracy is about students having the confidence to choose and use mathematics skills in all applications. 

Focus on Science

Science provides students with valuable knowledge and skills that help them to function effectively in a scientifically and technologically advanced society.  We want children to be excited, challenged and supported to achieve high standards in science and also understand the relevance of science to their lives and future in local, national and global contexts.  

Monitoring of Student Achievement

Monitoring student achievement allows staff to verify mastery as well as make timely adjustments in instruction. This also ensures that we close the gap between students’ current performance and the desired performance. Rainworth staff are very aware that appropriate feedback is a powerful tool for promoting student learning.   

Instructional Leadership

A focus on developing teaching and non-teaching workforce requirements to meet the needs of our school community. Our aim is to ensure that we are delivering high-quality instruction to improve student learning outcomes.  

Productive Partnerships

We are committed to ensuring productive partnerships between students, parents and the wider school community. Rainworth State School has a proud tradition of working together as a school community to develop the whole child.

Last reviewed 28 April 2020
Last updated 28 April 2020