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Our school publishes a newsletter weekly, the Rainworth Mirror. Copies of current and past editions can be downloaded below.  

If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, please email the following information: 

  • Parent's / carers name (christian and surname)

  • Email address

  • Child/s name and class/es

At Rainworth State School, we have an active grandparent and extended family participation level and we welcome more than one recipient of the newsletter from each family. This ensures that all family members involved in the care of our students are kept up-to-date with important messages that are being relayed to families via this informative missive.  

Updating or Changing Your Email Address to Receive the Newsletter

If you wish to update or change the email you currently receive the weekly newsletter emailed to, please email the necessary details. Most importantly, you need to include the following information:

  • New email address

  • Old email address (email you no longer wish to receive the newsletter to)

  • Your name 

If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.​

Rainworth Mirror Issue 26 2018-08-15.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 26 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 26 2018-08-1515/08/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 25 2018-08-08.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 25 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 25 2018-08-088/08/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 24 2018-08-01.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 24 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 24 2018-08-011/08/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 23 2018-07-25.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 23 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 23 2018-07-2525/07/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 22 2018-07-18.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 22 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 22 2018-07-1818/07/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 21 2018-06-27.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 21 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 21 2018-06-2727/06/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 20 2018-06-20.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 20 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 20 2018-06-2020/06/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 19 2018-06-13.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 19 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 19 2018-06-1313/06/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 18 2018-06-06.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 18 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 18 2018-06-066/06/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 17 2018-05-30.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 17 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 17 2018-05-3030/05/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 16 2018-05-23.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 16 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 16 2018-05-2323/05/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 15 2018-05-16.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 15 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 15 2018-05-1616/05/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 14 2018-05-09.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 14 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 14 2018-05-099/05/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 13 2018-05-02.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 13 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 13 2018-05-022/05/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 12 2018-04-24.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 12 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 12 2018-04-2424/04/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 11 2018-04-18.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 11 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 11 2018-04-1818/04/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 10 2018-03-28.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 10 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 10 2018-03-2828/03/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 9 2018-03-21.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 9 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 9 2018-03-2121/03/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 8 2018-03-14.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 8 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 8 2018-03-1414/03/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 7 2018-03-07.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 7 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 7 2018-03-077/03/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 6 2018-02-28.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 6 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 6 2018-02-2828/02/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 5 2018-02-21.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 5 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 5 2018-02-2121/02/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 4 2018-02-14.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 4 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 4 2018-02-1414/02/20182 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 3 2018-02-07.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 3 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 3 2018-02-077/02/20182 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 2 2018-01-31.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 2 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 2 2018-01-3131/01/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror Issue 1 2018-01-24.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 1 2018Rainworth Mirror Issue 1 2018-01-2424/01/20183 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-12-07.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 40Rainworth Mirror 2017-12-077/12/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-11-30.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 39Rainworth Mirror 2017-11-3030/11/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-11-23.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 38Rainworth Mirror 2017-11-2323/11/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-11-16.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 37Rainworth Mirror 2017-11-1616/11/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-11-09.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 36Rainworth Mirror 2017-11-099/11/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-11-02.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 35Rainworth Mirror 2017-11-022/11/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-10-26.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 34Rainworth Mirror 2017-10-2626/10/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-10-19.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 33Rainworth Mirror 2017-10-1919/10/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-10-12.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 32Rainworth Mirror 2017-10-1212/10/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-10-05.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 31Rainworth Mirror 2017-10-055/10/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-09-14.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 30Rainworth Mirror 2017-09-1414/09/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-09-07.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 29Rainworth Mirror 2017-09-077/09/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-08-31.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 28Rainworth Mirror 2017-08-3131/08/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-08-24.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 27Rainworth Mirror 2017-08-2424/08/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2018-08-17.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 26Rainworth Mirror 2018-08-1717/08/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-08-10.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 25Rainworth Mirror 2017-08-1010/08/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-08-03.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 24Rainworth Mirror 2017-08-033/08/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-07-27.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 23Rainworth Mirror 2017-07-2727/07/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-07-20.aspxRainworth Mirror Edition 22Rainworth Mirror 2017-07-2020/07/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-07-13.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 21Rainworth Mirror 2017-07-1313/07/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-06-22.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 20Rainworth Mirror 2017-06-2222/06/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-06-15.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 19Rainworth Mirror 2017-06-1515/06/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-06-08.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 18Rainworth Mirror 2017-06-088/06/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-06-01.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 17Rainworth Mirror 2017-06-011/06/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-05-25.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 16Rainworth Mirror 2017-05-2525/05/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-05-18.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 15Rainworth Mirror 2017-05-1818/05/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-05-11.aspxRainworth Mirror - Issue 14Rainworth Mirror 2017-05-1111/05/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-05-04.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 13Rainworth Mirror 2017-05-044/05/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-04-27.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 12Rainworth Mirror 2017-04-2727/04/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-04-20.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 11Rainworth Mirror 2017-04-2020/04/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-03-30.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 10Rainworth Mirror 2017-03-3030/03/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-03-23.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 9Rainworth Mirror 2017-03-2323/03/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-03-16.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 8Rainworth Mirror 2017-03-1616/03/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-03-09.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 7Rainworth Mirror 2017-03-099/03/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-03-02.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 6Rainworth Mirror 2017-03-022/03/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-02-23.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 5Rainworth Mirror 2017-02-2323/02/20172 KB
Rainworth Mirror 2017-02-16.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 4Rainworth Mirror 2017-02-1616/02/20172 KB
Rainworth-Mirror-2017-02-09.aspxRainworth Mirror Issue 3 Rainworth-Mirror-2017-02-099/02/20172 KB
Rainworth-Mirror-2017-02-02.pdfRainworth Mirror - Issue 2Rainworth-Mirror-2017-02-022/02/20172890 KB
Rainworth-Mirror-2017-01-25.pdfRainworth Mirror - Issue 1Rainworth-Mirror-2017-01-2525/01/20172051 KB