Student Support

Rainworth State School’s Student Support Services (SSS) committee aims to facilitate active inclusion processes for students with specialised learning needs and disabilities. Our team works collaboratively, with teachers, parents, advisory visiting teachers and other specialists, to enhance educational and social outcomes for each of these students. 
Members of the SSS committee include: At least one member of the school’s administration (Principal or Deputy), the Guidance Officer, school’s visiting Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), Special Education Program Teacher (SEP), Support Teacher Literacy and Numeracy (STLaN) and Gifted and Talented Mentor (GEM.) In addition, classroom teachers actively participate in SSS committee depending on the needs of particular students in their class that year. Should it be decided that a student may benefit from guidance or speech services then parents will be consulted and parental approval sought.

Guidance Officer

Our Guidance Officer supports families and students with academic and social-emotional issues and provides educational assessments on a needs basis. In order for a child to work with the GO, a separate parental permission is sought. 

Speech Language Pathologist

Our Speech Language Pathologist supports students with diverse needs in communication.  The school’s SLP works with the SSS to support language learning opportunities and literacy learning needs of all students.

Special Education Program

Support for SEP students may vary from in-class academic support, to small group teaching of social skills, life skills and emotional well-being strategies, depending on the individual student’s needs. All verified students in our care have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that targets their particular learning and development goals. 

Students with a verified disability supported by the SEP include: 

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Hearing Impairment (HI)
  • Intellectual Impairment (II)
  • Physical Impairment (PI)
  • Speech-language Impairment (SLI)
  • Vision Impairment (VI)

Learning Support

Our Learning Support team work consistently to improve the schooling experience of students identified through the SSS. Support to these students is provided by either teacher aides and/or the STLaN in classrooms, in small groups and individually as required. The level of support is dependent on each student’s needs.