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2018 School Requirements 


The organisation Rainworth has chosen this year to fulfil back-to-school orders is well-known education supplier Edsco

Please be aware that ordering from alternate suppliers may result in being offered variations of the text books required, and this can negatively impact your child's learning.  

It is imperative that you ensure you are ordering the EXACT version of the text book we have detailed on the Edsco order form.


The process of ordering is as follows:

1.       Log on to

2.       On the home page go to “Book Packs” in the top right-hand corner

3.       Select “Rainworth SS” in the first drop down box

4.       Select your child’s 2018 year level in the second drop down box

5.       Start ordering. There is no code required.

NB. All Internet orders are to be completed by November 24, 2017 if you wish to have your pack/s delivered free of charge. 

Families can make various purchase choices: 

  1. Via the Internet using credit / debit cards and have the pack/s delivered to your home FREE, if ordered before November 24, 2017.

  2. Via the Internet using credit / debit cards and have the pack/s delivered to a friend, relative’s or neighbour’s house FREE, if ordered before November 24, 2017.

  3. Obtain, complete and return your order on the forms available at the school office, or by printing a copy from the links provided to the right of this pag. Payment options are outlined on the reverse of the Order Form.

    All paper-based orders will close at the school office on November 24. After this date, all orders to be done online.

    Absolutely NO CASH will be accepted at the School.

  4. To source all the books and stationary yourselves.

  5. To use EDSCO for part of your order and source the remainder yourself.

Late orders will be charged a deliver charge.

Book packs will be NOT be delivered to school for collection.


Home Delivery Times

On or before Friday January 15, 2018
Please do not contact Edsco about your delivery before the date above.
Please also note that deliveries are made by year level not family name so you may receive multiple deliveries.
Please direct enquiries to Edsco on email


Year Level Requests for Book Packs

Please be aware of year level instructions.

  • Prep - Year 2
    Please do not open the packs. Deliver them (still packaged up) to the classroom on the first day of school.
  • Years 3-6
    Open packs, name every item, covering books is optional.



Ordering Book Covers and Fundraising for Rainworth State School

Ez Cover is a new range of patented slip-on book covers for Australian school exercise books. The covers are high-quality, reusable, recyclable and quick to put on, fitting perfectly. They are cheaper per book than the stick-on alternatives. All covers are also made using some recycled content. There is a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Ez Cover is only available through their website so all orders must be online. They guarantee that your order will be dispatched the next working day. Their postage, packaging and handling cost is A$3.00 total per shipment - whether you buy 1 cover or 100. Every order receives a sheet of 12 sticky, paper-labels for free for you to write your name, subject, room etc. 

When ordering, you will see a drop down box to enter your state and school.

Please ensure that you nominate the school as this will ensure Rainworth earns 10c per cover sold. If you enter the CODE EZ15 this will increase the rebate to 15c per cover sold. Link here to view their website.  

This book covering option is not compulsory, but certainly offers a convenient way to save you time and money, whilst also fundraising for our school. Plus, your children's books will look great!​​​​​​​​